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Hearing Protection & Enhancement with SportEAR

More Than Just The Gun

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Oct 4, 2017 3:49:12 PM

“When in public ask, ‘Who’s around me and what are they doing?’”- Tom Givens

I write this with a heavy heart, knowing the current chaos in Las Vegas, NV and the unfortunate rising toll. More information will obviously be released as officials learn more, in the meantime we need to stop asking, “Why?” The rhyme and reason behind such horrific incidences don’t need to answered, and that’s because evil doesn’t ever need to offer you one. Evil in in its most purest and unrefined form is what you are seeing in Las Vegas. It does not care about race, color, creed, age or gender. All it cares about is one thing, causing you and everything you hold dear harm.

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Pistol Set Up - Part 2

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Sep 27, 2017 1:00:01 PM

Once you have figured out what type of defensive handgun is right for you as well as gone to classes with a reputable instructor, the next thing to look at is what goes into your carry system. I will be talking specifically about a concealed carry system, as it has the most misleading information pertaining to it. You should break down the system into three main categories, the handgun, the belt and the holster. All three must be top quality with a reputation behind them. If you decide to forgo the “cheap” route, there is a high probability that the entire system can fail. Seeing that we’re talking about a concealed carry system here, failure may mean injury to yourself and/or those that you care about.

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Pistol Set Up

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Sep 20, 2017 2:35:23 PM

When it comes to the selection of your defensive handgun, the choices out there are as various as protective eyewear and hearing protection. How do you choose what is good for you and why? This article will help in narrowing down your choices to what will work for you in the protection of yourself and those that you love.

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Hearing Protection & Enhancement

SportEAR has and always will deliver the finest performing hearing enhancement and protection devices available.

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