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Carbine Set Up (Part 2)

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Dec 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Moving forward with part one of setting up your carbine, I’ll be going over accessories that will assist in your setup process. You can without a doubt utilize a carbine with the “bare bones,” but with the amount of affordable equipment to accessorize your rifle why would you skimp out? Without a doubt, putting thousands of dollars of “add on’s” onto your rifle is worthless without the proper training. Although, if you’re willing to spend the money on a rifle and the ammo along with it, you may want to save some additional funds to aid in efficiency of your long gun.

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Topics: Carbine

Carbine Set Up (Part 1)

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Dec 7, 2017 4:45:49 PM

With today's technological advances, there are numerous options with how you can set up a defensive carbine. From the lower, the upper, barrel, pistol grip, buttstock, optic, muzzle devices and accessories where does one start? In this article we’ll be going over the basics on what to look for when purchasing and building a carbine style rifle. To keep things simple and linear, I’ll only be writing about carbines in the 5.56/.223 size cartridge. With that being said, I have nothing against other size cartridges, but my personal knowledge base relates more to the aforementioned cartridge. To start this off, we’ll first talk about the upper of the AR rifle first and work our way down.

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Topics: Carbine

Hearing Protection & Enhancement

SportEAR has and always will deliver the finest performing hearing enhancement and protection devices available.

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