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Hearing Protection & Enhancement with SportEAR

Verbalization on the Street (Part 2)

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Oct 25, 2017 1:11:58 PM

In part one of this article we dealt primarily with how criminals worked so as to possibly understand their tactics. Once we understand them, the next step is to employ tactics to counter them. Statistics show otherwise that we’re able to full trust into these unknowns who approach us on the street. So first, what can we do with our hands while verbalizing and second how do we properly verbalize. So as to not instigate a situation further, we need to present our hands in a friendly and non-violent posture yet can still protect us if need be. Geoff Thompson is a well known author and former doorman in the UK who created the term called a “high fence.” This is a fairly comprehensible term as to what we should be doing with our hands while verbalizing with unknown people in our day to day life. Our hands should be palm out with our arms high and compressed to our body. This not only puts us at an advantage to seem non-threatening, but also allows us to have our hands in an inconspicuous position to strike if necessary. It also puts ours arms near our head so as to be able to protect it from blows.

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Verbalization on the Street (Part 1)

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Oct 17, 2017 9:56:10 AM

The end goal of the multidisciplinary tactician is to be formidable on all fronts. Whether the answer is a gun, blade, grappling, or even simply how to talk to an unknown individual on the street. How often do we allow people within our “safety” bubble throughout our day to day travels? How often do we allow someone we have never met unintentionally get close enough to rub shoulders with? Many people have this falsehood programmed into their head as to how people are? “Oh they look like a good person, I doubt they’d do anything to me.” This is what, as William Aprill of Aprill Risk Consulting termed, exactly what the Violent Criminal Actor (VCA) wants.

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Introducing Ian Strimbeck - an AXIL | SportEAR Operative

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Sep 6, 2017 10:31:23 AM

Hearing protection comes in all shapes, sizes, prices points and brands. As a
recreational or competitive shooter, military or law enforcement deciding on what’s right
for you can be difficult. Thankfully, Axil is here to provide all of your hearing protection
needs. From traditional over the ear headsets to customized, electronic plugs Axil has
an option every firearms enthusiast desires.

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Hearing Protection & Enhancement

SportEAR has and always will deliver the finest performing hearing enhancement and protection devices available.

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