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More Than Just The Gun

Posted by Ian Strimbeck on Oct 4, 2017 3:49:12 PM

“When in public ask, ‘Who’s around me and what are they doing?’”- Tom Givens

I write this with a heavy heart, knowing the current chaos in Las Vegas, NV and the unfortunate rising toll. More information will obviously be released as officials learn more, in the meantime we need to stop asking, “Why?” The rhyme and reason behind such horrific incidences don’t need to answered, and that’s because evil doesn’t ever need to offer you one. Evil in in its most purest and unrefined form is what you are seeing in Las Vegas. It does not care about race, color, creed, age or gender. All it cares about is one thing, causing you and everything you hold dear harm.

Accept What You Refuse To

The world isn’t as what you want it to be, it’s simple as that. The human species have been killing each other since the moment we emerged from damp caves. Just because we now have cellular telephones that can take “selfies” and drive around on automobiles doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve left our savage pasts behind. Once we view the world outside of our tiny bubble is when we can truly become self-aware. As soon as you do “unplug” and lift your face from your screen, what then? Start taking in information. If you frequent the same place often, is there someone out of place? Is there a vehicle somewhere where it shouldn’t be. Can you feel tensions rising from the people in the vicinity? Do you just overall have a “bad feeling?” That’s what you call your “intuition.” Some have called it a sixth sense, whatever it is trust it. It’s kept us alive for thousands of years. After personally talking to victims whom have survived violence they all had the a similar statement. “I just had a bad feeling about going down that alley.” Or, “I knew I should have left that party sooner.” The world is your buffet and information is free, start taking it in and using it for your survival.

More Than Just the Gun

 vegas-shooting1-gty-ml-171002_4x3_992.jpgI’ve had people tell me in the past that they won’t go to certain establishments, chain food restaurants and certain states solely because they can’t carry their pistol on them. On one hand, I can understand where they’re coming from in respect to their 2nd Amendment rights. On the other hand I think they’re absolutely foolish to not enjoy having dinner or a vacation somewhere with their family. The handgun is not a magical talisman that can somehow ward away the bad man and make him go away. It is a tool, that sometimes may not be the best answer for the job. Case in point, all I’ve been reading online since the Vegas incident is people saying, “Well if someone had a gun…” This is in my opinion too many people stretching beyond hubris. They are thinking that having a handgun with terminal ballistics of 100 yards at best, will have a significant effect on the shooter that was 32 stories up in a concealed position at night. We need to be realistic with our needs and capabilities with survivability, just like anything else in life. If anything, having more people in that crowd with decent medical care and minimalist medical equipment may have prevented more individuals from expiring and becoming a statistic. It’s impossible to plan for everything that could happen in our lives, but by not fixating on the idea of the gun it could mean the difference between life and death.

No One is Coming to Save You

Matt Graham of Graham Combat said it best, “Tom is just like me, and I am just like Tom. I am alone. I am a fighting element of 1. Like most, I don’t need to learn how Rangers tackle a tactical situation, I need to learn, and then refine, how I – a man with a wife and a family – tackle tactical situations. It becomes a different template when there is just one gun in the fight. I am breacher. I am medic. I am sniper. I am driver. I am both point and rear. I am security. It is only me.” Once you realize this, it will become much more clear as to why becoming self-reliant is so important. As a society we have become subdued into thinking that we are unable to take control of our own personal safety. We need to take back the “reigns” of our lives in order to truly live in today’s society. Create a mindset of your own that no one can ever take from you, a jack of all trades and master of none. Enjoy life to the fullest everyday. Tell your loved ones you love them. Take that girl or guy up on that date. Take that leap of faith of starting that business. Start that gym membership. Take that shooting class you always said you would. Remember, we all have a date with Death one day, but don’t let someone else decide on that date for you. Train everyday for that day we all hope will never come.

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