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Hearing Protection & Enhancement with SportEAR

Hear The Outdoors Come Alive! Part I

Posted by Weston Harris on Jun 27, 2017 9:54:32 AM
Hear The Outdoors Come Alive! Part I

Welcome to our first SportEAR blog post ever! We look forward to the opportunity to share many more in the future. It seems fitting to head back to the beginning in 2000 when I first launched SportEAR.

I had already been helping people hear better as a Board Certified Hearing Specialist for over 7 years by that time. I had worked to develop the line for SportEAR for 4 years prior to launching. While considering the brand and core message for what I hoped to accomplish with it, it became clear- quickly. With all the awesome, intriguing, sometimes dangerous, lurking sounds in the woods, our goal would be to help people with normal hearing or hearing loss to Hear The Outdoors Come Alive Like Never Before!… While Protecting Their Hearing At The Same Time.

Since that launch, we have literally been able to help hundreds of thousands of people to better hearing- all around the world. So many have been fellow sportsmen and women along the way. We have been able to help so many to protect their hearing, as well as enjoy the sounds in the outdoors. I never imagined at the launch of SportEAR how rewarding the journey would be in so many ways.

We have been able to work with some of the best guides and outfitters during this time, as well. We have been fortunate enough to travel to many great hunting areas throughout the world. From the lower 49 states, up to Alaska, to Canada to South America, Africa and even out to New Zealand; we have been able to uncover what many of you have seen and grown to love in the outdoors. There is no end to the greatness of all these continents and hunting lands.

From the sound of a breaking of a twig, or two bucks sparring, an elk bugling from a canyon away, to honking geese flying overhead and so much more… and all in full surround sound. Nothing compares to being in the outdoors and seeing it’s majestic beauty and hearing the awe ispiring sounds. To harvest big and small game and enjoy every moment with good family and friends makes this one of life’s greatest adventures- every time.

I remember a great horseback elk hunt almost 17 years up in the Bridgerland mountain range in Wyoming- north of the Teton’s. My dad had set the whole hunt up with a family who guided up there. I can’t remember their name now, but they were great. He had traded them part of that hunt for hearing aids to get their dad hearing again- so he could continue to hear the sounds in the outdoors while guiding. It is pretty cool to have met so many people over the years through hunting and helping them hear better for their love of hunting. I couldn’t ask for a better element to my professional life in hearing aids and hearing protection.

We found ourselves in so many different situations on those mountains on that hunt. The first morning had us watching an older bull elk locking horns and ‘schooling’ the young bull elk in the process. To hear that through digital surround sound was awesome. The next morning was a 4 am horseback ride in the dark- up a very steep mountain. I clearly remember watching the spark come off the hooves of the horse ahead of me as we climbed the steeper parts of the climb that morning. The whole time, I was in awe at all the sounds I could hear coming in the mountains around. Being able to hear the whispers among us as we carefully rode up the mountain was beyond amazing and added richly to the already-amazing experience. I will never forget the sights and sounds of that great adventure.

On one of the last days on that trip, I was out hunting in a great spot with elk bugling everywhere. I was deep in the pines and the fog set in heavy. The elk knew well just how safe they were in close quarters with me surrounded by the fog. Yet that was truly the highlight of that hunt; being in among those bull elk going back and forth with each other in full surround sound, several of them within 10-40 yards of me. I could hear everything and loved being in the fog and hearing every detail of their movement and the communication back and forth with each other. Truly amazing!

I have had so many great experiences and met so many great people through my launch of the SportEAR product line. I never could have imagined where this would lead me through. Now SportEAR has become the world leader in premium hearing enhancement and protection. We have been able to work with the very best companies and teams in the sporting goods industry and continue to do so and couldn’t be more appreciative for all the great relationships we’ve made along the way and continue to make as well.

We continue to strive to innovate at the highest levels and bring great products to the true sportsmen and women. We have several game changing hearing performance, hearing protection and hearing aids with protection products coming out this summer, fall and winter and are excited to be introducing all of these to all of you. Thank you for following us on our social sites and now this blog. We will move quickly into delivering some of the best articles and content around life in the outdoors, hunting, shooting and of course hearing and hearing protection information and education on best practices and technologies to help you always hear the best in life and the outdoors.

Also continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and this blog as we will be launching giveaways, contests and even looking for your best hunting stories and photo’s to share with our awesome community of people passionate about hunting and the outdoors. Who knows, we may even reach out to have you write a guest post for us!

Hope your summer is great and you’re gearing up for another great hunting season ahead!

Best Regards,

Weston Harris
AXIL/SportEAR Founder
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